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What’s in a name?

Name /nām/

A word or set of words by which a person, animal, place, or thing is known, addressed, or referred to.

At the moment my Hunter is travelling with four totally different styled, and named, pets; Ghamoora the turle, Rex the Devilsaur, Yù the cat and Penny the porcupine.

Kieko before switching over to the Alliance and becoming a Pandaren

Kieko and Ghamoora before they switched over to the Alliance.

Straight away I’m sure a few people have recognised the name Ghamoora from lowly Blackfathom Deeps, where he was tamed. I have a few “pre-named” pets that I’ve tamed along the way, and I like the idea of them keeping the same name. I’ve done the same with the likes of  Ban’thalos, Magria and Skoll.

Rex on the other hand was a lazy choice, when he was tamed Devilsaurs had the highest DPS. I sadly didn’t want him in my stable, but had no real choice. Now he’s become a loyal companion that’s getting to explore Pandaria with me.

is the second most recent addition to my family of pets. As she was tamed on Pandaria I thought I’d name her after the Chinese word for her colouring, Jade.

Now Penny I didn’t name myself, for once I decided to ask in Guild chat for suggestions and Penny was touted by Kaitz. It seems a little strange not having named one of my pets myself, however I think the name suits her!

This brought me on to thinking, how do other Hunters decide on what to call their companions? Do they pick something which rhymes? Starts with the same first letter as the specise? Something “funny”? Friends? Family? Or maybe I’m just thinking a little to much into it all.

Anyway, how do you pick yours?


  • Kaitz Says

    My first alliance character back in the day was a night elf hunter and my favourite and slightly famous pet was my white tiger from STV, Fluffling! (dan and hannah know of the awesumness of fluffling.. maybes a few others too = slightly famous) For obvious reasons, he was cute and fluffy 😀

    Dan now has Fluffling 2.0 😀

    • Wabbage Says

      I remember being Alliance and camping in the Barrens for a Horde to come along and do the quest for the brown Lion around level 20, he had to be ganked of course so I could get my tame. Fun times.

  • Slayr Says

    I always have fun naming. Some are/were actual pets, and I too like to name some as the name blizzard gave them. Best thing about being a hunter. I need a bigger stable for 5.2… Some epic new pets coming, including a spirit beast porcupine or 3

    • Wabbage Says

      I didn’t realise they were adding a spirit porcupine, got a link to it? 😀

      I stopped naming my in game pets after real life ones as I wasn’t a fan of bosses killing them :(

  • Jaedia Says

    Oh I have fun naming! I usually use the Hannah method of naming which is generally.. erm.. depending on how spazzy I’m feeling at the time! That’s how Baskilisk the pink Basilisk was named, Lion the lion, Nomnom my blue sabre toothed tiger from Winterspring, hmm.. oh! Kittypillar the Caterpillar. Then there’s the likes of Snowflake the white tiger, and.. erm… (help me out here!). Sometimes I let Dan name my pets which is how my original polar bear came to be named Gwynarth (white bear in Welsh) and my turtle ‘Turdle’. It really depends! Pinky, however, was named after my flamingo Beanie Baby of the same name. :)

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