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It seems like the majority of gamers I know either through Warcraft, Twitter or Steam are all waiting for the next big thing at the moment – the most popular being Guild Wars 2 and the latest World of Warcraft expansion, Mists of Pandaria.

Of late I’ve found that whenever I log in to Warcraft that other than catching up with Guildies and doing the old daily (cooking) I don’t have anything that I want to do. The need to login has pretty much vanished from my life, and the space that’s left feels empty.

To try and get a quick fix MMO I decided to renew my Rift subscription for a month. I transferred my level 50 Rogue to Bloodiron (the highest population PvP shard), did a little research and sorted out my DPs and Support specs and joined the LFD queue. An hour and a half later I was still waiting for a group, this is during peak time. Gutted.

I then moved on to trying Lord of the Rings Online, the story aspect of it seemed as impressive as expected. The game play however just felt a little on the dull side of things.

The only game that I have that seems to bring any real joy – and is a bit of a time sink – is Football Manager 2012. Yes, the animated spread sheet.

So I’m left wondering, what are the rest of you doing while you’re waiting on the next big thing? I’d seriously love to know as I might find something new to either do in a current game or maybe I’ll find a hidden gem I’ve overlooked. Let me know!


  • I’m not really gaming that much, tbh. No major content patch in WoW for 7 months means snorezville. Upcomping nerfs in D3 soon means snorezville. And I refuse to hang out on the Beta because I know once live drops.. SNOREZVILLE.

    I guess, I’m kinda like you. Just waiting for the next hunk of NEW shiny instead of subtle changes to the old shiny. *sigh*

    • Wabbage Says

      To be honest I’d forgotten all about Diablo3 which is a shame as I was really enjoying it at the start when playing with friends.It felt a little on the dull side when playing solo in my opinion, maybe I should give it another whirl…

  • Rioriel Says

    I’m sinking my time into that other animated-spreadsheet… IN SPACE. EVE Online.

    • Wabbage Says

      I tried EVE when I become bored of Warcraft during WotLK, but just couldn’t get in to it. I think I was expecting a game of similar play style to Warcraft – which now I know it’s nothing like it – and was instantly turned off.

      Is it F2P or a subscription fee?

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