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Diablo III… it’s like crack. Sweet, sweet crack.

Now I’m pretty sure I should be ashamed to admit this, but I may as well put it out there. I played Diablo for about an hour, Diablo II wasn’t even on my radar and as a result my excitement levels for Diablo III were incredibly low. To be honest I probably wouldn’t have even picked it up if Blizzard hadn’t been so kind as to gift it to World of Warcraft Annual Pass subscribers.

Today my thoughts on Diablo changed.


I started of playing on a Monk, mainly as I’d heard rumours that the new class in Warcraft was going to be based slightly on it. How cool is the teleport style punch! O_O  I was really impressed and enjoying it, however when I decided I was going to start live streaming I thought it might be a nice idea to Stream form level 1… as I had literally just done the first 8 levels of the Monk I picked another class. The Demon Hunter.

From what I’ve heard the Demon Hunter seems to be a pretty popular choice amongst players and I can totally see why! I really love the ranged style of play, plus I can pretend I’m a female Van Helsing! 😀 At the moment I’m rocking two crossbows and feeling like an all-round badass.

What do you guys think of Diablo III so far? Has it lived up to your expectations? What class have you decided to go?

As I touched on above, I’m going to be streaming pretty much all my Diablo III gameplay so feel free to hit up the Live Stream part of my blog or visit www.twitch.tv/wabbage. I’ll be posting on my twitter account as and when I’m live.

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  • Baskius Says

    Big fan so far. Really enjoying the Monk! Just need to get myself logged in so I can finally see further than what the beta allowed!

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