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Do a barrel roll!

Prior to launch and pretty much up until yesterday I hadn’t really tried the Space Missions in Star Wars: The Old Republic, mainly as I thought it looked poorly dated with nothing real to offer the modern day game – But after finding myself sucked into them for well over 2hours my opinion has been somewhat flipped upside down.

God damn they are addictive! There’s something about zooming around on the track frantically clicking on moving targets that I’ve totally been suckered in too. Something is defiantly pulling on my childhood nostalgia strings… it all feels very Star Fox, sadly without my little frog friend Slippy.

I’ve only got five or six different missions to pick from at the moment – and form what I’ve heard there isn’t many more – but so far I think I’ve enjoyed the escort style the most. My character may be an Assassin, but in space I can be a squadron leader with the fate of the empire in my hands! Power Trip much?

Being somewhat of a loot whore I was also delighted to see that you can kit out your ship with the likes of blaster and armour upgrades and rockets! NEED MORE ROCKETS!

What do you guys think of the Space Missions? Is there enough sustenance to keep you doing them once you’ve hit the level cap? Is it just a little gimmick to take part in while levelling?

One thing I would love Bioware to have included would be the option to take to the skies with friends. It would be awesome to have a Flashpoint styled space battle with a squadron consisting of you and your friends. Now I’m not a game developer, but I would have thought they could really just have expanded on a few of the missions or merged a few and huzzah a Space Flashpoint is born!


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