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Scroll of Resurrection… thanks Blizzard.

For anyone who may have missed it, Blizzard have relaunched their Scroll of Resurrection service and I can’t help but feel it’s a massive slap in the face. Before I go into rant mode, here’s what the returning customer gets;

  • One character boosted to level 80
  • FREE upgrade to Cataclysm
  • 7 FREE days of game time
  • FREE character move to your realm and faction so you can play together

The person sending the Scroll of Resurrection get’s a one of Blizzard’s legendary Spectral mounts, this time for the spectral treatment is a Gryphon or Wind Rider based upon your faction. And yes, they looks as poor as ever.

Now for the rant!

Here I was thinking Blizzard actually cared about their loyal subs.
I’m quite the idiot amn’t I?

Sorry but this just goes to far for me, this is the second time they do this. Or the third? dunno, lost count. Blizzard just keeps giving ”The Middlefinger” to their current (loyal) subscriber base and I really can’t help that they don’t give a shit about us. But why should they? We’re still paying them right? And as long as we pay they can carry on as normal.

Honestly it’s just infuriating. Ofcourse it’s nice and all to try and get something running to try and get people’s friends back into the game, and offer them some extra’s for coming back, but this new Scroll really goes a bit to far. A free level 80 + realm transfer + faction transfer? That’s like, 40-50+ euro’s for the transfers… And for what? Quitting the game? It’s like me quitting my job and then getting a call offering me a £500 bonus for for coming back. I know times are tough, but what?

It just disturbs me that loyal subscribers, like myself who has been playing since launch, get absolutely NOTHING. Literally, nothing, zero, nada. And I can get a friend to come back and get free transfers on both Faction and Realm, a free 80. Thanks.

I totally understand that it’s good business for them, as everything they are giving costs them 5-10mins max of an employees time to activate, before their game takes another hit.

It’s sad, it’s overal such an amazing game and I had years of fun with it, given, but I have also spent more money than I would dream of calculating on it over the years. Does that mean anything to Blizzard? It really seems like it doesn’t.

What does my friend that has played for 3 months and left get for coming back? More then I got in my entire 6-7 years playing. Thanks Blizzard, you just lost every shred of respect I had for your company. In my eyes your now on the same level as the likes of Sky.

Right now I’m really struggling to not just cancel my game time and put more time into Star Wars. The Blizzard that cared, or at least gave that impression when it came to their community, doesn’t exist anymore. It’s all just money now, and in their eyes you can go %^-* yourself as long as you’re still paying.

/rant over.

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