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Rift Lite… the beginning of the end?


As some of you may have noticed, Trion Worlds has announced that Rift is to an extent going free to play with the introduction of “Rift Lite”.

Rift Lite basically lets previous Rift subscribers play from level 1-20 for free of charge or time limit. Which to an extent is pretty awesome considering the first 10-15 levels are when the game is at its most enjoyable, however the levelling system which was already very tiresome now feels horrible after the questing pleasure gifted to us by the guys over at Bioware with Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The main selling point pre-launch for Rift was its “dynamic content”, the sad truth is that once you’ve done two or three Rift you’ve experienced pretty much all that oh so great content…

I just can’t see how Trion think they will be able to convert Rift Lite players into paying subscribers, in my opinion all they’ve done is provide a free alternative fix to people who are currently playing World of Warcraft or Star Wars: The Old Republic.

With so many MMOs switching to a free model, you have to wonder how sustainable the MMO business is going forward. These games require a huge investment of time to play, meaning if you are playing one it’s highly unlikely you will play another seriously. Will there be enough players to keep all these games earning revenue, or is this just a short term solution to the World of Warcraft phenomenon?


  • Jaedia Says

    I think it’s a good idea. :) It’ll grab some folk enough to get them paying, gives people who otherwise wouldn’t have bothered a chance to try the game free of charge who again might convince them to pay.. same deal as WoW did.

    • Wabbage Says

      It might be Blizzard tinted glasses that I’m rocking to an extent these days, but I’ve always felt World of Warcraft has so much more to often to a new MMO player than Rift does.

      RIFT Lite may well be a similar offering to Blizzards trial scheme, but the games are miles apart in content and quality imo.

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