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Snipe All The Things!

As the majority of you probably know by now, I can’t help but reroll when playing ANY mmo. It’s a curse. As a result I’ve not managed to get a character in Star Wars: The Old Republic higher than 18. which really is starting to become a little embarrassing considering I’ve played pretty much since launch.

So far I’ve played a Bounty hunter to 18, an Assassin to 17 and a Juggernaut to 14. However my latest crush is with the Imperial Agent, Sniper! I feel like a Marksman hunter from World of Warcraft with the added bonus of nice gun animations!

So far I’ve reached the dizzy heights of level 12 on my Sniper and I’m in love! I think I’ve finally settled on the Class that fits my play style right, to quote my good friend Basky “It’s just taken you over a month to find SWTOR’s hunter”. Having played a Hunter in World of Warcraft for nearly 6 years, I think he’s pretty much hit the proverbial nail on the head. There’s something about [Snipe] that just feels like my good old friend Aimed Shot, plus I guess to an extent the whole companion system in Star Wars: The Old Republic makes you feel like you’ve got a pet!

Even though I’m doing Dromund Kaas for roughly the 8th time I’m worryingly enjoying it. I’m not sure if it’s because I feel like I’ve finally clicked with a class properly in SWTOR – or if it’s because I’m overly comfortable with the quests chains – but this time round something feels different, something feels right.


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