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Podcast Review: Rift Happens

Name: Rift Happens
Website: http://www.rifthappens.com/
Episode: 2
Available on iTunes: Yes, yay!

What’s Good: Now this may sound bad, but I’m not really sure what I liked about this Podcast, something about it just worked and made it an enjoyable listen. The main host drove the conversation topics well and kept things moving along nicely.

What’s Bad: I like to know what’s in a Podcast prior to listening (mainly to see if it’s actually going to be of interest or not) however the Podcast notes are someone nonexistent on their site. There was also 5 (possibly 4?) different people all putting their input in through which at times did feel like to many cooks syndrome. The other major downside was that by the time I was really starting to get into Rift Happens it was over, fingers crossed the next episode is a bit longer.

Verdict: I missed the first episode of this so jumped straight in at Episode 2 and felt like I had stumbled into a room at a party not knowing anyone and ended up listening to a inebriated conversation amongst friends, after the first 10mins this feeling passed and it turned out to be a really enjoyable Podcast.  I’ll defiantly be downloading the next episode when it becomes available,

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